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Enterprising ‘climate smart’ villages

I recently had the opportunity to visit two villages close by the ICRISAT headquarters in India which have begun to stem the tide of people leaving the farm, by developing a wider diversity of livelihood options on the farm.

The villagers of Nandyalagudem and Boringthanda in the state of Telangana have been supported by the National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) to (1) better manage rainfall variability and (2) become commercially viable through changing their farming techniques and introducing new enterprises for both women and men.

It was fascinating to see how farmers are engaged in the research for development process. This was eloquently demonstrated through the introduction of new strains of silk worm and drip irrigation of mulberry (above left). Other women were getting involved in backyard poultry enterprises (above right). These initiatives dramatically increased the income of farmers and created economic opportunities to attract youth to return to their villages. Read more

Taste testing women’s creations

The highlight of my visit to Nigeria was meeting with a women’s group in Bubakarawa village near Kano.

The women had cooked dishes to taste test, including traditional products like fura and kunnun, along with bread, biscuits, oil and cake. They were great examples of the nutritious food that can be made from crops such as millet, sorghum and groundnut.  The sorghum cookies were a big hit with Hakeem and me – the ladies gave a shout out for our two thumbs up on the taste of the cookies.

Have a look at the dishes the women cooked on the video I took.

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