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Admiration for farmers in harsh environments

When I traveled to the town of Siby in Mali today, I was struck by the incredibly challenging environment in which people are farming.

Seed growers

Seed growers in Siby, Mali

The people in this area grow pearl millet and sorghum, two of ICRISAT’s focus crops. I met with a group of three men who are seed growers rallying around an opportunity.

They faced a dilemma – they needed to sell their seed as they had a lack of cash reserves, yet they wanted to keep them for the new season cropping.

Women in Siby

Women in Siby

I also met a group of women who were promoting better nutrition and health clinics near Siby.  I was impressed by their sheer determination and their ability.

The people are warm and friendly.  I am full of admiration for them.  Despite my lack of French, I’m rapidly getting familiar with the various agricultural terms in the language.

Environment near Siby

The farming environment not far from Siby, Mali

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