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Empowering women and children through agriculture

A woman grafting mango

A woman grafting mango during my visit

On my visit to meet a group of women farmers in the village of Sadoré, not far from the ICRISAT campus in Niger, I could see they had a sense of pride in this isolated community.

The women are being empowered though the agricultural practices including selling grafted mango trees.  Some young women gave me a crash course on how to graft a mango tree.

The women told me that the grafted mango trees are returning enough money to help them build new homes, have an electricity supply and pay for school fees.

A school girl explains the process of grafting mango trees.

A school girl explains the process of grafting mango trees.

They also insisted I went to the local elementary school. They had joy and promise in their faces even in such a difficult environment. I learnt that even the school is earning money from the grafted trees.

The community were introduced to grafting, how to tend the plants in the nursery and to sell them by ICRISAT technicians and a former ICRISAT scientist.

It was fantastic to see the benefits that the initiative has brought to the community.

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