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The challenges of scaling technology

With partners at the CORAF/WECARD  workshop

With partners at the CORAF/WECARD workshop

This week I joined some 200 people at a workshop on integrated agricultural research for development (IAR4D) – an initiative of the West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development (CORAF/WECARD).

The aim was to debate and discuss the challenges facing the scaling up and out of technology through innovation platforms to smallholder farmers, including how to foster stronger engagement with the private sector.

Engaging more in others’ planning sessions is important to take our partnerships to a higher level. ICRISAT’s West and Central Africa Director Dr Ramadjita Tabo and ICRISAT Board member Dr Paco Sereme were also participating.

It was very open and friendly workshop, with people broken into small groups to tackle some of the big issues being debated.

I made a presentation on the application of innovations systems within the CGIAR, providing examples including ICRISAT’s strategy on inclusive market-oriented development (IMOD).

I also highlighted others involving CGIAR centers including Agri-Business Incubators, AfricaRice’s IP hubs and Integrated Systems for Humid Tropics operating in West and Central Africa.

Dr Harold Roy-MacCauley, Executive Director of CORAF/WECARD launched three books on IAR4D that were recently published.

I also had the opportunity to sign an updated partnership agreement with Dr Roy-Macauley between ICRISAT and CORAF/WECARD that better reflects the evolution of the scientific environment in Africa and the world.

CORAF/WECARD workshop participants

Participants in the workshop on agricultural innovation systems in West and Central Africa, February 2015, Senegal

3 thoughts on “The challenges of scaling technology

  1. Bashir Barau

    Through IP, many farmers are better equipped in agribusiness and are hub in decision making. CORAF/WECARD support via WAAPP -Nigeria do a lot here .

  2. Paul Kimurto

    Thanks so much Dr Dave for committing to communicate to us directly.

    You have achieved so much in your 100 days as DG, which i believe will enhance ICRISAT impacts and feasibility and its partners in NARS (like us) in reducing poverty in drylands of Africa.
    Count on our support because our people also look upon us to assist them provide more food and incomes to improve their livelihoods.


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