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Getting the news out about ICRISAT

Appearing on NTN TV in Kano Nigeria with host Mansour

Appearing on NTN TV in Kano Nigeria with host Mansour

While in Kano, I had a great and first time experience appearing on the half hour farm program of TV network NTA Kano for a panel discussion on ICRISAT and our work in Nigeria.

On the panel, I was joined by one of our valuable partners, Professor Sanusi Gaya of Bayero University, with ICRISAT’s Nigeria country representative Dr Hakeem Ajeigbe and Director of West and Central Africa, Dr Ramadjita Tabo.

I gave an overview of ICRISAT’s work globally and our vision for the future. Hakeem highlighted our many partnerships in Nigeria – with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD), the Institute for Agricultural Research and the private sector, including food processors like Dala Foods.

Professor Ishawa talked about our partnership with their Centre for Dryland Agriculture.  Dr Tabo gave an overview of ICRISAT’s program in Niger, Mali and Nigeria, and how country strategies are being development to align with national priorities.

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