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Taste testing women’s creations

The highlight of my visit to Nigeria was meeting with a women’s group in Bubakarawa village near Kano.

The women had cooked dishes to taste test, including traditional products like fura and kunnun, along with bread, biscuits, oil and cake. They were great examples of the nutritious food that can be made from crops such as millet, sorghum and groundnut.  The sorghum cookies were a big hit with Hakeem and me – the ladies gave a shout out for our two thumbs up on the taste of the cookies.

Have a look at the dishes the women cooked on the video I took.

ICRISAT has been providing improved varieties of sorghum, pearl millet and groundnut along with agronomic practices to increase farm profitability in Nigeria.  The focus is now on value adding to sorghum, pearl millet and groundnut-based nutritive traditional products.

I was impressed with how these woman have organized and empowered themselves over the last five years to increase their income from sheep, sorghum and groundnut and used that income to invest in their children’s education.

Our Nigeria country representative, Hakeem, said that the children look healthier than in the south of Nigeria as they eat a healthier diet that includes pearl millet and groundnut. I could see this in their eyes and faces that were full of joy and promise.

When I watched one of the women manually extract the oil from groundnuts I realised how labor intensive the process is. We will be bringing two different types of groundnut oil extractors into Nigeria that cost around US$1200 to test to see which one is most appropriate for the group to purchase.

The children sang a local song and were thrilled to be included in the group photo.

The children sang a local song and were thrilled to be included in the group photo.

One thought on “Taste testing women’s creations

  1. Bashir Barau

    ICRISAT Nigeria is a success story, a job well done especially the farmers field day, kudos to Dr. Hakeem


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