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Dala Foods value-adding success

With the owners and staff of Dala Foods

With the owners and staff of Dala Foods

It was wonderful to see a local company making nutritious value-added ‘smart food’ products at the Dala Foods company factory.

I met with Managing Director Alh Ali Madugu and Executive Director Nura Maduga who are carrying on the family business started by their father back in 1970.

While the company first processed tea, they branched out into food products in 1998 and now produce instant and diet kunnun, instant fura, biski (couscous) from pearl millet based on Hausa and Fulani traditional values.

One of their products ‘While Action Meal’ is a food supplement for malnourished patients formulated from maize, soya beans and groundnut.

The company operates a research and development lab for quality assurance and new product development.

It was a terrific example of the smart foods that can be made with the healthy crops ICRISAT works with.  Together with Dala Foods and other private sector partners we see a bright future for smart foods – good for consumers, good for the plant, good for smallholder farmers.

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