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Exciting partnership with Ramoji Group

ICRISAT is embarking on a unique partnership – a first I expect for the CGIAR. We are joining hands with Ramoji Group, owners of the largest film studio in the world, 12 television stations, India’s largest regional language newspaper, and many other media outlets.

Ramoji Group plans to create the first ever 24-hour TV station in the world that is dedicated to farmers and interactive with farmers. They are also planning an ‘edutainment’ park dedicated to agriculture at Ramoji Film City, located not far from ICRISAT’s doorstep, in Anajpur village, Hayathnagar Mandal in Hyderabad.

Our team brainstorming ideas with Mr Ramoji Rao

Our team brainstorming ideas with Mr Ramoji Rao

This week I had a very inspiring meeting with Mr Ramoji Rao. He has achieved success in the media and entertainment industry having broken away from his family’s tradition of farming for many generations.   So he feels a personal need to reach out to farmers and help.  “It is a dream at the moment for farming to be profitable and this needs to be our vision,” he said

ICRISAT is excited that Ramoji has selected us as a partner to help guide content for these new ventures and to reach out to both the farmers and the general public about agriculture and nutrition.  This is also an opportunity to excite youth about agriculture, engage women and generally help with better adoption of proven technologies that can make farming more profitable.

Meeting with media entrepreneur Mr Ramoji Rao

Meeting with media entrepreneur Mr Ramoji Rao

Mr Ramoji is keen that the initiative does not focus on the history of agriculture, but rather on the future of agriculture and to help farmers become prosperous. At the agro-park people will have an opportunity to be a farmer for the day, see the latest technologies and farms of the future. They will be inspired and entertained, and farmers will have a wealth of information and ideas presented to them.

I just can’t wait for this new venture to unfold. It could be a game changer in how we communicate and capture people’s attention on agriculture and food.

One thought on “Exciting partnership with Ramoji Group

  1. Hemant Nitturkar

    Improvement in all the areas of the whole agriculture value chains through innovative ways of capacity building and presentation of agriculture as a worthwhile profession is the need of the hour to profitably deploy the young populations in Asia and Africa. ICRISAT bringing in the science and Mr Ramoji Rao bringing in his proven presentation skills is an exciting development. Truly visionary initiative that can have multiplier effects in so many ways. My best wishes to the teams.


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