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Building the skills of the next generation

Peter Carberry portrait shotAs David is on leave I have been selected to contribute a guest entry in his journal.  Since starting as Deputy Director General at ICRISAT on the same day, 4th January this year, I have worked very closely with David and I am really happy to talk about one of our focus areas – providing learning opportunities for students.

Right now on ICRISAT campus in Hyderabad, we have 105 post-graduate scholars, research fellows and interns (48 women and 57 men), with 52 completing their PhDs. Whilst the majority are Indians, we also have participants from Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mali, Nepal, Niger, Philippines, Singapore, Tanzania, Uganda and United States.

Our most recent PhD graduates from ICRISAT’s entomology unit, who presented seminars last week, include Ms Shaila, now senior research fellow at Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA), Ms Pavani who will advise farmers as research associate with Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Wyra village Telangana, and ICRISAT research fellow Md Riazaddin.

Cornell students

Under-graduate students from Cornell University, USA

We are currently hosting various under-graduate students from US universities, including Iowa State University, and most recently Cornell University (at left) through the Tata-Cornell Agriculture and Nutrition Initiative. Four Princeton University students are with the International Water Management Institute team.

We even welcomed two high school students, awardees of the Borlaug-Ruan international internship, who are here for two months. Precious Listana will be working with us at ICRISAT and Maria Cox will be working with the World Vegetable Center’s facility at ICRISAT campus.

It is a real pleasure to be overseeing the student program here at ICRISAT, particularly as I was once a PhD student here myself many moons ago.


Dr Peter Carberry (centre back) with post-graduate students, fellows and interns at ICRISAT


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