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Inspiration for agriculture in India and the world

A standing ovation for Prof MS Swaminathan

A standing ovation for Prof MS Swaminathan

It was a real honor to sit next to Prof. MS Swaminathan this week during the plenary lectures marking the Silver Jubilee Foundation Day of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences – an organization he started in 1990, of which I am pleased to say, ICRISAT is now a member.

Listening to details of M.S. Swaminathan’s career was amazing. In his presentation I was impressed with the clarity in which he remembered names, events and feelings over his 60 year journey in agricultural research for development. His passion for inclusion of women, preserving our planet by calling for an Evergreen Revolution in agriculture, and for helping tribal people who are the most disadvantaged in India, was an inspiration to me – and to the world.

Meeting with current and past leaders of India’s most influential agriculture institutions gave me a rich and deep perspective of the people behind the science that drove the first Green Revolution and in positioning young scientists to realize the Evergreen Revolution in India over the coming years. Read more